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February 10, 2011 |

Madman have just  announced the release of the ‘Warehouse Comedy Festival’, a series of debut DVDs for some of Australia’s most renowned stand up comedians plus a 10 part series for ABC2 consisting of half hour versions of each DVD. This will be the first Australian stand up television series since the comedy channel’s ‘Stand Up Australia’ wrapped  in 2008.

The Warehouse comedy festival was shot over 3 weeks in a sawtooth warehouse in Collingwood that was temporarily transformed into a pop-up comedy venue.

Every year Australian comics endure a punishing cycle in the development of new shows for the comedy festival circuit. Usually these shows run their course and are never seen in their full format again. The Warehouse comedy festival have captured these shows giving each a new life and a new audience who may not have access to any of the annual festivals.

Warehouse Comedy Festival

The Warehouse Comedy Festival DVDs are available from 2 March 2011 featuring Charlie Pickering, Josh Thomas, Tom Ballard, Tom Gleeson, Sam Simmons, Sammy J, Denise Scott, Felicity Ward, Dave Thornton and Hannah Gadsby. Each DVD features their full festival-length performances, plus bonus material such as sketches, behind the scenes footage, outtakes and more.

The half-hour TV versions of each of the Warehouse Comedy Festival shows will begin 8 April on ABC2.

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