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January 27, 2011 |

If you click the ‘Comedy’ link on the iTunes store podcast page you’ll be inundated with re-packaged radio programs, Ricky Gervais and a few big American podcasters.

Most of these shows are good and deserve the downloads they’re getting, but there are a whole bunch of great independently produced Australian shows that don’t spend long in the podcast charts simply because they don’t have the marketing opportunities that shows originally produced for radio do.

Independent podcasts sound different to radio shows because they have been recorded free of any censorship requirements or segment time limits. Conversations can stretch for as long (or short) as a subject is interesting and the hosts already know each other; they are not a selected group of media personalities who producers hope will work well together.

In no particular order, here are our favourite independent podcasts-produced-to-be-podcasts:

The Little Dum Dum ClubThe Little Dum Dum Club
Karl Chandler and Tommy Dassalo are two of Melbourne’s most respected comedians and comedy producers. Each week they invite another comedian to co-star and chat about anything and everything. Karl and Tommy know each other so well that they can ask the exact question needed to get each conversation to the funniest place.

Wil Anderson and his mate, filmmaker and actor, Charlie Clausen released 24 episodes of TOFOP (Thirty Odd Foot Of Podcast) in six months last year. A significant effort in the podcasting world but not surprising for a comedian known for his relentless work ethic. The show is reflective of the explicit nature of Wil’s comedy that would not have been possible in any of Wil’s past radio projects.

The Sweetest PlumThe Sweetest Plum
This podcast has been so well received that it was recently turned into a radio show by Triple M (possibly making it a controversial choice). Nick Maxwell and Declan Fay both have backgrounds in comedy writing and it shows. The episodes are tightly edited down to 20 mins and they have that comedy-writers’ ability to seamlessly take a real anecdote to a surreal and hilarious place.

Talking PoofyThe Poofcast by Talking Poofy
Comedians Adam Richard, actor Scott Brennan and producer Toby Sullivan are ‘Talking Poofy’ and are clearly having the most fun out of all of these podcasters. The laughs are so frequent that it can be hard for their guests to even get to their punchline. This is technically one of the most polished independent podcasts around and the funniest gay podcast in Australia.

Those are our favourite ‘homemade’ podcasts, here are a few other podcasts that are either ‘not homemade’ or very relevant to the world of comedy:

Sounds of Sam
- the best of critically acclaimed Sam Simmons on Triple J

Hamish and Andy
- this has been the number 1 podcast in Australia for years. This is a huge feat considering iTunes charts its podcasts based on NEW subscribers PER DAY. The podcast has arguably had as much to do with the boys success as the radio show itself did.

Sunday Night Safran
- Always in the top 10 podcasts in Australia. John Safran and Father Bob. A jewish documentary making geek and an elderly catholic priest discuss white power music festivals. Comedy.

WTF with Marc Maron
- This is actually a U.S podcast. Marc Maron records in depth personal interviews with the world’s biggest comedy names. Guests include Judd Apatow, Dane Cook, Stewart Lee and Patton Oswalt.  Don’t miss his two hour long chat with Louis CK.

Walking the Room
- U.S comedians Greg Behrendt and Dave Anthony chat about the world of comedy plus everything else. Patton Oswalt is a big endorser of this show. Wil Anderson has twice been a guest during his American travels.

Did we miss anything good? What’s your favourite Australian podcast? Let us know in the comments.

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